About Co-VidSpeak

Co-VidSpeak is a flexible, open source, web-based video conferencing tool built for people who can't speak but still need to emotionally connect with others at a distance.

We built Co-VidSpeak as a powerful tool to help people because we've seen it ourselves. We have family member and friends who couldn't use their voice, and want to help others like them who may feel isolated during recovery or physical distancing.

We want everyone to be able to access Co-VidSpeak, and even though we can't give video calling away free to everyone, we know that many people are also facing a limited budget. That's why with Co-VidSpeak subscriptions you won't be charged for any months where you use less than 30 minutes of call time. That way you don't have to worry that seasonal or occasional usage will rack up an unnecessary bill.

Video-Supported Communication

Medical Support

"Our patient was excited to use Co-VidSpeak to support communication beyond the ICU. She liked all its features, especially the ability to spell messages and use emojis!"

Co-VidSpeak was originally created to support inviduals in a hospital setting who are unable to use their voice to connect remotely with families. It also works as a remote support tool for medical professionals who may need to interact with the patient without entering their room.

Co-VidSpeak has a strong focus on privacy, user information is stored long-term, and all communication is encrypted and simple routed between the two parties as a basic conduit. We want to make implementation straightforward, even in a complicated environment like a hospital setting.

Telepractice and Educational Support

"Engagement seems to have increased by attention to the screen, time on task, and alerting to the speaker, the react buttons are a huge hit, and some of our students are vocalizing more, which is awesome! "

Remote learners and telepractice clients can benefit from remote interaction, but only with the right supports. We have expanded Co-VidSpeak to support therapists and instructors because we have heard so many reports of learners struggling to engage in a video-only environment.

In Co-VidSpeak, btton layouts are fully configurable, and you can schedule rooms in advance. Additionally, visual prompts can be activated by either side, so modeling can happen naturally and effectively.

Emotional Connection

"My daughter doesn't speak in larger group forums. Virtual learning has been difficult. I see this as a great alternative for her and others in her situation."

Families and loved ones can benefit from the simple, intuitive interface that Co-VidSpeak provides. When one party cannot speak, the field of button responses and icon reactions help both sides feel engaged and more connected, instead of just having a one-way interaction.

Co-VidSpeak works on most devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets, so loved ones can connect from whatever devices they have on hand.

Flexible Features

"I can see how being able to switch between different modalities will help people engage more in a virtual environment."

Co-VidSpeak makes remote interaction simple with a clean, minimal video interface. However, to support the many needs of practitioners and supports, Co-VidSpeak also has more advanced features like custom icons and layouts, advance scheduling, screen and video sharing, etc. We are actively adding new features and functionality to Co-VidSpeak so stay tuned for more features!

In addition, Co-VidSpeak subscriptions can adjust to your needs and usage. You will only be charged for months in which you use more than 30 minutes of call time.

How to Sign Up

Co-VidSpeak is available through a self-service monthly subscription, and you will only be charged for months where you use more than 30 minutes of call time.

We are also working with hospitals and medical groups to implement Co-VidSpeak for free to support individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can see how it works using our app demo, or reach out to us with details about your situation and how you think Co-VidSpeak could help.

We are offering this as a free service where possible because we want to help. Purchasing a subscription will help fund ongoing free work that we do for medical groups during the pandemic. If you like what we are doing and want to help, you can also donate through ATMakers to help fund our server and bandwidth costs. If you have software development or speech therapy experience and want to get involved, join us at openaac.org.

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Wondering Who We Are?

Learn more about CoughDrop and LessonPix, the teams behind the idea of Co-VidSpeak.