Frequently-Asked Questions

We've got answers!

What is Co-VidSpeak?

Co-VidSpeak is a real-time video chat tool with built-in communication supports. People in a medically-isolating situation can still benefit from emotional connection. To help communication when they cannot speak due to a ventilator or other situations, Co-VidChat includes quick phrases and messages the communicator can indicate by tapping, clicking, or gesturing using their eyes.

Who Can Use Co-VidSpeak?

Co-VidSpeak may have lots of potential uses, but for now we are focusing on supporting people who are in a non-verbal, medically-isolated situation. Friends and loved ones can join the conversation remotely from whatever device they have access to for two-way communication supported by touch or eye gestures.

Is Co-VidSpeak Free?

Yes. We are hosting a free instance of Co-VidSpeak to make it easier for those who need it to gain access. This free instance has limited access so that we can provide focused, scalable support with limited funding. The app is also open source so others are welcome to run their own instance as well.

Will Co-VidSpeak Work on My Device?

Probably! Co-VidSpeak is web-based and built on modern web standards, so as long as your web browser isn't too old it should be able to run Co-VidSpeak effectively. Not all features are available on all devices. We suggest Chrome for the best experience.

Why Can't Just Anyone Sign Up?

We are hosting a free video conferencing web site with a specific purpose. Video calling takes lots of expensive bandwidth, and since we're not harvesting your data for advertising or something, the expense comes down to donations. We are trying to be responsible with the limited funding we have, while still making Co-VidSpeak as accessible as possible. We just can't open the floodgates to anyone and everyone.

Why is it Called Co-VidSpeak?

When two people work together, the co-operate as co-collaborators. For Co-VidSpeak they are co-communicating using a video conferencing and communication support tool. Hence, COllaborative VIDeo SPEAKing.

How Can I Help?

Visit the Contact Us page for details on how you can help support this project.