Frequently-Asked Questions

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What is Co-VidSpeak?

Co-VidSpeak is a real-time video chat tool with built-in communication supports. People in a medically-isolating situation can still benefit from emotional connection. To help communication when they cannot speak due to a ventilator or other situations, Co-VidChat includes quick phrases and messages the communicator can indicate by tapping, clicking, or gesturing using their eyes.

How is Co-VidSpeak Different than Zoom or Google Meet?

There are many web conferencing solutions out there that suppport general video calls. Co-VidSpeak is a web calling service with a specific focus on enabling non-vocal communication. Co-VidSpeak rooms are one-on-one rooms wheree the video feed is surrounded by words or phrases that someone can hit or gesture toward to participate in the conversation, even when they can't speak.

Who Can Use Co-VidSpeak?

Co-VidSpeak may have lots of potential uses! Our initial focus was on supporting people who are in a non-verbal, medically-isolated situation. But Co-VidSpeak has been expanded to support teletherapy, educationators, nursing and assisted care facilities, and families working on their own. Friends and loved ones can join the conversation remotely from whatever device they have access to for two-way communication supported by touch or eye gestures.

How Many People Can Be in a Co-VidSpeak Room?

Co-VidSpeak rooms are focused on supporting the communicator, rather than on group calls or meetings. Co-VidSpeak rooms support two devices connecting, one for the communicator, and one for whoever is interacting with the communicator.

How Does Co-VidSpeak Work?

Co-VidSpeak is like other video calling services, but with a focus on 2-party communication. The room initiator needs a join code to start a new, unique room, which they can then invite the other person to join.

Co-VidSpeak offers multiple routes for communication. You can communicate using your voice, but for those who benefit from an alternative, there are buttons around the video that can be customized, and hit to speak different phrases or words. You can also send emoji reactions and use a keyboard to type custom messages that can be seen by both sides.

Co-VidSpeak's unique button layout is designed to supportt individuals who may not be able to use their hands to hit buttons. The layout allows a person to gesture using their head or point using their eyes, and the other person can see these gestures and interpret them as pointing to a specific button. In this way communication can happen even with someone who only has limited eye movement.

Is Co-VidSpeak Open Source?

Yes! We host an instance of Co-VidSpeak that offers a paid subscription option, as well as free sponsored access to make it easier for those who need it to gain access. Video servers don't pay for themselves, so we charge for access or work with sponsoring organizations in order to fund different groups who may benefit from access.

Will Co-VidSpeak Work on My Device?

Probably! Co-VidSpeak is web-based and built on modern web standards, so as long as your web browser isn't too old it should be able to run Co-VidSpeak effectively. Not all features are available on all devices. We suggest Chrome for the best experience.

How Can I Learn About Using Co-VidSpeak

Please visit our support portal to view our how-to guides or to file an issue report.

How Can I Sign Up?

If you would like to use Co-VidSpeak and support our ongoing efforts, please sign up for a Co-VidSpeak account. You will be assigned a unique join code that you can use to schedule and start video calling rooms. Subscribers gain access to new features as they arrive, and have a direct line of access to our technical support team.

Why is it Called Co-VidSpeak?

When two people work together, the co-operate as co-collaborators. For Co-VidSpeak they are co-communicating using a video conferencing and communication support tool. Hence, COllaborative VIDeo SPEAKing.

How Can I Help?

Visit the Contact Us page for details on how you can help support this project.